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About Johnny’s Led factory

Welcome to Johnny's LED Factory where creativity meets craftsmanship to illuminate your world. As a pioneering neon manufacturing company, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of illumination, transforming spaces with vibrant, captivating neon creations.

At Johnny's LED Factory we believe that every space has the potential to become a canvas for expression, a stage for storytelling, and a beacon of individuality. With this ethos at our core, we embark on a journey to redefine the art of illumination, one neon sign at a time.

About Us

Our Story

In the heart of a small town, nestled between forests and corn fields, stands a sign shop unlike any other. Since 1938, Johnny's Signs has been a beacon of tradition, Yet, despite its age, this shop is not content to dwell in the past. Under the guidance of its spirited owner Derek Stutz, acquiring this cherished institution from Bob Fiddler in 2023, it embraces the winds of change, evolving to meet the demands of a modern world.

Johnny's Signs,and now also Johnny's LED Factory--are committed to new age products and services, blending the timeless art of sign making with cutting-edge technology. From LED neon signs that illuminate the night sky to digital displays that captivate passersby, the shop remains at the forefront of innovation, while still preserving the warmth and charm of days gone by. As customers young and old flock to its doors, they're not just greeted by a sign shop—they're welcomed into a living legacy, where tradition and progress dance hand in hand, creating a story as heartwarming as the glow of neon itself.

Be yourself

Neon artwork serves as a captivating reflection of the self, offering a vibrant canvas to express individuality, personality, and style. With its bold colors and distinctive glow, neon allows one to convey their unique essence and personal narrative in a visually stunning manner.

At Johnny's LED Factory, we can help you, do you!

Custom Design

At Johnny's LED Factory, crafting awesome Neon LED signs is both an art and a science, where creativity meets precision engineering. Our process begins with a spark of imagination, as we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to life. From there, our skilled artisans meticulously design and handcraft each sign with expert craftsmanship, ensuring that every curve, color, and detail is executed to perfection. We combine traditional neon techniques with cutting-edge LED technology, allowing us to achieve stunning visual effects while maintaining energy efficiency and durability.

Our Mission

Our mission at Johnny's LED Factory is to infuse life and character into spaces through innovative neon designs. We strive to inspire creativity, spark conversations, and evoke emotions with our captivating creations. Whether it's a bustling city street, a cozy cafe, or a chic boutique, we aim to enhance environments and leave a lasting impression.

Our Vision

We envision a world where neon is not just a source of light, but a symbol of expression, personality, and style. Through our commitment to excellence and innovation, we aspire to be the leading authority in the neon industry, continuously pushing boundaries and setting new standards for quality and creativity.

Come And Join Us

Whether you're a business owner looking to make a statement, an event planner seeking to create unforgettable moments, or an individual wanting to add a touch of personality to your space, Johnny's LED Factory is here to bring your vision to life. Join us in illuminating the world with creativity, passion, and the mesmerizing glow of neon.

Illuminate your world with Johnny's LED Factory. Let's create something extraordinary together.


At the forefront of customization and innovation, Johnny's LED Factory redefines the art of illumination. With a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge technology, we transform visions into reality with unparalleled creativity and precision. From intricate designs to bespoke creations, we offer a limitless array of customization options to suit every taste and need. Our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly explore new techniques and materials, ensuring that each piece is a reflection of our craftsmanship and ingenuity. With our dedication to staying ahead of the curve, we illuminate the world with brilliance, one custom neon LED creation at a time.

art for all walks

Neon art transcends barriers of age, background, and expertise, making it accessible and inclusive for all. Whether you're a seasoned artist honing your craft or a novice exploring your creativity, neon offers a vibrant canvas for self-expression. Its mesmerizing glow and limitless possibilities inspire people from all walks of life to experiment, innovate, and share their unique perspectives with the world. From professional installations to DIY projects, neon art welcomes participation from everyone, fostering a diverse community united by a love for luminous beauty and boundless imagination.