City of Austin, Weird Custom Neon Sign

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City of Austin, Weird Custom Neon Sign

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Product description

 Keep Austin Wierd, Custom Neon LED Sign, beautifully printed on polycarbonate backing with applied Neon LED.  What a cool piece,  designed in-house (as always) Go TEXAS!  Light your life, light your spaces with Johnny's LED Neons! 

Johnny's LED Factory custom neon signs are sure to light up your home or business with a personalized neon vibe! Our custom designed neon signs are all designed, produced, packed and shipped directly from us!  All  our custom designed neon signs come with a year warranty, mounting hardware, and free remote control. 

Sizing options refer to longest dimension in each artwork, could be height or width depending on each piece.  Items over 40" in either height or width will be produced in two pieces.  Pieces fit neatly together and are shipped in the same box.  Not to worry, these pieces line up directly together and look great!

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All Johnny 's led factory product are designed ,manufactured , packed and shipped the same roof period . All in house from start to finish.

Helpful Product Videos

Facility Tour

Take a quick tour of the facility with Derek!

Product Demonstration

Explanation of Neon LED products!

Helpful Product Videos

Facility Tour

Take a quick tour of the facility with Derek!

Product Demonstration

Explanation of Neon LED products!


  • Custom LED Neon Sign

  • Power Supply

  • Remote Control Dimmer

  • Wall Mounting Hardware

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Frequently Asked Questions


Whatis Neon LED?

Neon LED is led lighting encased in rubber silicone.   When lit, the tubing looks very similar, or
nearly identical to Glass Neon tubing.

Whatare the advantages and disadvantages of Neon LED VS Glass?

Disadvantage of LED VS Glass is that Glass Neon is more suitable for long term, outdoor,weather exposed applications.

However, the advantages are endless:

-Can be shaped into many more intricate designs than

-Does Not Get Hot

-Does not rupture and shattered when dropped or hit

-Much more durable

-List goes on

How long does it take to produce and ship out an order?

From the time an order is placed, generally 4-7 days to produce, package, and ship.ALL order come directly in house to our
shop, and we produce all signs on-site as orders are placed.

What kind of designs can be made with Neon LED? 

At Johnny’s LED Factory, our design possibilities are endless.   Our designers are in-house, as
well as our entire production team and facility.  Whatever the idea is, we can make it. 

What sets Johnny’s LED Factory apart from competitors?

A number of key things: 
For starters- all designs are produced in house, and we are
manufacturing, packaging and shipping all in-house at the same location.  We have total control over each item start to

Another substantial variant is that most sellers of Neon LEDDO NOT have the ability to print ink onto the backing of the acrylic.We do.Not all signs call for this;
there are many signs that lend themselves well to a clear backing.However, the design capabilities are far greater with our ability to direct print onto the clear backing, in addition to using Neon LED.


Where do you ship to?

We can ship packages all over the world. Please select from 1 of 4 plug styles at checkout. We ship directly from our facility in Bedford, IN U.S.A. usually 4-7 days after an order is placed.

How long do the neon signs take to arrive?

From the time we receive an order, most signs are made within 2-5 business days depending on our workload, then they are packaged and shipped. You can select from 2 different shipping options.

Feel free to contact us directly for rush production and shipping quote above and beyond standard shipping time, if needed.

What happens if my neon sign arrives damaged?

In the event your sign arrives damaged, or does not work upon arrival, please send us pictures and video of the issue. We will work to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

A damaged package that resulted in a damaged product will require a claim to be filed with the carrier, on your part.


How do Custom Designs Work?

For custom designs, just start by contacting us on our "Custom Designs and Logos" page. Here, you can fill out a form with key details about your project.

Please include as much detail as possible about your project, as well as a high quality file of something that you are interested in making into a custom Neon LED Artwork.

We will contact you via EMAIL to discuss your project and provide you with an idea about cost and production.

What if I Don't Have a File or Image To Start With?

No file, no problem. We can create a design from scratch for you! Based on a description of your project, the size and what you are wanting, we can give you an idea about cost and production time.

To discuss a project and give an approximate quote, is free. However, we do charge for custom design work.

To create a design from total scratch, we would charge upfront for logo design ad mock-up, and then a charge for production of Neon LED Artwork

How Much Is a Custom Design?

Pricing for a custom design depends on several factors including, but not limited to:

-Do you have a file to start with, or are we creating from scratch?

-If you do have a file, is it high quality or do we have to spend time re-creating it to make it print worthy?

-How complex the design is, from the design, or drawing itself. And, most importantly- how complex are the neons to assemble.

Designs that have letters, sharp bends, and connection points take more time to assemble

-Overall physical size of the project

Small custom projects will start around $350 for pieces in the 20-24" inch range.

Medium sizes may range from $500-$1000 depending on complexity, and larger sizes could be $1000+ depending on size and complexity.


  • Ivan Ly Houston, TX
  • Deanna Abel Bedford, IN
  • Chris Farano San Diego, CA